Back to Tennessee

Welcome to Memphis, he says.

Welcome to Memphis, this totally says.

Mankato was freezing this morning. I had to use a snow shovel to pry open the pickup truck’s ice-locked door. The windshield had the texture of rock candy and you could even hear it scoff as the helpless plastic scraper slid across its surface.

The wind hurt like hell and the day was just beginning. But it didn’t matter. This was the first day of the week in which we’re driving south to play in Memphis. We’re leaving later this week and playing Friday night at the Poplar Lounge, then a private gig Saturday for FedEx and fighter pilots. There will also be time Sunday for fried chicken, Sun Studios and Shangri-La Records.

This is the make-up gig that had to be rescheduled from October, when my appendix decided to flare up and split the scene on the week we were to leave. That distraction did little to temper the excitement about the trip that was explained ever-so-passionately in an October blog entry.

So we’re ready, again, with a little more to give than in October. There’s the new  Christmas tune some of you have heard, “Single King,” which is based on this piece of flash fiction from a few years ago. Ann suggested turning it into a song and I’d say we’ve done so with nice results. (No recording exists yet, but trust me, it’s good enough to ruin your holidays.) The Poplar will also see the world premier of a tune titled “Make Myself.” It’s a catchy little rumbler that’s about being done, just done, with it all.

Chipper stuff, and you should be there. But if not, we’ll tell you all about it on New Year’s Eve at Wine Café. .

OK. Time to pack. The next entry will likely be from Memphis, or while en route with the righteous rig from Keepers RV. It would be great if we all kept in touch, so follow along by subscribing to this blog or @joetougas on Twitter. Send encouraging messages if you care to and we’ll put them to good use.

Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Back to Tennessee

  1. I know your feet are at least 10 feet off of Beale, but I have your pizza stone. And in response to Ann’s blog post, I don’t want a free CD or a Tougas Diesel t-shirt. I just want some pizza.

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