Heartburn Hotel

The Memphis trip is postponed until hopefully mid-December. Had  a little medical crisis Saturday morning that required surgery Saturday afternoon. Acute appendicitis. It showed up late Friday night as a very tight ache and I guessed it was something I’d eaten and would be knocked out with Tums and Pepto-Bismol. I think it was the first time in my life that Pepto-Bismol didn’t save the day.

Saturday morning I only had to Google once to convince myself to hit Urgent Care — something about the phrase “potentially fatal” — and in a few hours I was being admitted and lined up for surgery. They wouldn’t even let me leave to grab my phone charger.

During the prep and CT scan, I was asked twice about The Frye, so I knew I was in caring, sensitive hands.

Around 4 p.m. I woke up in my own hospital room, where I dozed in and out and kept an eye on AMC’s Walking Dead marathon. My surgeon visited Sunday morning and said all went well, to stay down for a few days, not lift anything over 20 pounds for four weeks and if possible to push the Memphis plan back a week.

So, since the three holes in my gut are telling me to please be still, the band is rescheduling that trip. I am home now, lying flat, hopped up on goofballs, eating light and watching TV. I’d much rather be at work knowing we’re leaving for Memphis Thursday, but I’m also damn certain we’ll be on that Mystery Train sooner than later.


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